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Who we Are

The Action in Semi-Arid Lands (ASAL) is one of the local Non-Governmental Organisations operating from Puntland State of Somalia and having its target area as the Horn of Africa and specifically the semi arid rangelands in this region. The organization has well equipped offices in Bosaso.

Our Stories

Since 1996

Since 1996 ASAL has been providing support in the natural resource sector, which is the primary source of livelihood through:
• Environment and natural resource management
• Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH)
• Livelihood improvement and emergency programs
• Infrastructure rehabilitation (feeder roads, social infrastructure including schools and health centres)
• Psychosocial intervention and protection for those people within the population who have negatively been affected and require psychological care and support to cope with the conditions they find themselves in (Gender Based Violence victims – GBV, street lighting especially in communal points such as water points and kiosks).
• Capacity building to maintain, sustain and consolidate efforts made at field level during implementation of various programmes.