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Currently, ASAL activities are focused at providing comprehensive interventions within the natural resource sector. To consolidate its approach of targeting community priorities in natural resource management, ASAL has developed this five-year strategic plan for the period 2020-2024. This follows a successful implementation of the last strategic plan. The strategy focuses ASAL’s efforts towards improved quality of life among rural and urban populations in Puntland State of Somalia to have equitable access and distribution of resources and services. During the strategic plan period ASAL focus areas will be,

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

Wash service ranges on many dimensions including rainwater harvesting in rural areas and farming communities, and sanitation and hygiene promotion in IDP camps and urban areas.

Livelihood and emergency response

ASAL aims to partner with organizations whose support is focused on building self-reliance among communities including refugees, IDPs, and host communities.  ASAL will also partner in all cases with the ...

Natural Resource Management (NRM)

ASAL recognises the important role of sustainable management of natural resources in food and nutrition security, social and economic security through sustainable natural resources focussed livelihood activities that guarantee stable ...


Protection is a wide field including GBV prevention and awareness creation, ASAL will enhance medical, legal, and psychosocial support to those affected by GBV. In providing protection-related services ASAL will ...


ASAL focus in infrastructure will be in areas of rural feeder roads, shelter for IDPS, returnees and refugees. It will also support rehabilitation of and construction of public facilities e.g., ...

Collaborated Services

ASAL is working with other NGOs within Puntland to achieve a collective goal while saving human life. This ensures an amalgamated effort with various expertise from various fields.